Transparent TIP

A transparent tip makes easier to see all the ink flow, the needle working, and the remaining ink on the tip.

Side Grip

A side grip helps the adherence when handling the cartridges with gloves. Much more easier to put on and out the needles at the machine.

Indicator Numbers

Visible size indicators helps Tattoo Artists to easily fing the needles the want at the workstation, saving a lot of time.

Exclusive Design

The Edge Pro Needles have a exclusive design, making impossible to confuse with other brands, asuring that it´s a Original Product.

Compatible With Universal Grips.

Quality on

Since the beginning, our prior on materials is quality. From the box, plastic tip, membrane, to the needle!
All materials that compose the Edge Pro Needles are HIGH QUALITY, and will make you impressed.

Are you a
Tattoo Supplier?

We are the decisive factor behind your success


All the needles are esterelized with EO Gas with the blue indicator.
Safety first for Tattoo Artists and Customers.


Details that make the difference
between regular and Premium Products.
We are not “just” another Needles Cartridges brand.
We are Edge Pro Needles!


Everything made to make Tattoo Artists
life’s easier. The box opens in a much easier way
to take in&out the needles.

Are you a
Tattoo Artist?

Who we are?

Back in 2019, when we first launched our 3RLpack, our main goal was to evolve and improve more and more. Due to the great demand from our tattoo artists, we have decided to increase the number of choices in sizes. Today, we’ve acquired the necessary experience and we are proud to count with 55 different sizes.

The main difference are made by the details


Cartridge main body custom made for fitting
al the parts together to avoid vibrations and
still keep our unique style.


A precision design tip, made from high grade plastic
have a adjusted size for each configuration
Tattoo Artists must find almost no trembling needles.


Reiforced membrane, yet, adjusted so Artists
can have the perfect tension,
providing a better feel of the needle working
and avoid pushing machines to the exhaustion.


Extremally precises and sharp needles are the key
of the success. All passed through a high end quality
control process.