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One of our major concerns is the experience given to the artist. That’s why every detail is important to us: From opening the box to choosing the cartridge at the workstation… and that for the best artist experience.

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Since the beginning, our prior on materials is quality. From the box, plastic tip, membrane, to the needle! All materials that compose the Edge Pro Needles are HIGH QUALITY, and will make you impressed.

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Be the Best

If you are like us, if you dream like us, if you want to evole, to learn, to do better, and give your best to reach the top, then…. Welcome to The Family!

The right tension on membrane prevents problems on machines and power supply
Visible size number to help finding the right cartridge
Side grip for best adherence when using gloves
Precision high grade plastic tip to keep the ink flow and needles straight on position
Our needles are specially selected, and microscopy weld together to offer the precision you need
All connected together in a way that makes you forget the vibrations and ineprecisions
Reinforced membrane to prevent breakage and cartridge waste, also allowing you to have a better feel during the needle operation

Who we are

Back in 2019, when we first launched our 3RLpack, our main goal was to evolve and improve more and more. Due to the great demand from our tattoo artists, we have decided to increase the number of choices in sizes. Today, we’ve acquired the necessary experience and we are proud to count with 55 different sizes.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

One of the most important things when getting a tattoo are the needles. That’s why you will have to make the best choice and work with those who THINK LIKE YOU AND FOR YOU! We will be there to meet your expectation delivering you a precise, stable and solid needle cartridge. We were born from a day-to-day experience, and all we have accomplished till now is to give the tattoo artist simply the best possible tool!

The Edge Pro Needles are especially designed, and approved by Johnny Dots

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