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Who we are

Back in 2019, when we first launched our 3RLpack, our main goal was to evolve and improve more and more. Due to the great demand from our tattoo artists, we have decided to increase the number of choices in sizes. Today, we’ve acquired the necessary experience and we are proud to count with 55 different sizes.
We are the decisive factor behind your success

One of the most important things when getting a tattoo are the needles. That’s why you will have to make the best choice and work with those who THINK LIKE YOU AND FOR YOU! We will be there to meet your expectation delivering you a precise, stable and solid needle cartridge. We were born from a day-to-day experience, and all we have accomplished till now is to give the tattoo artist simply the best possible tool!



Provide the ideal tool for tattoo artists to focus on ART and always keep our values in our products.



Be recognized in the international market as one of the best brands of tattoo needles.



We do what it takes to be synonymous of:


About it's creator

Joao Dias, also known as Johnny Dots is a Tattoo Artist born in a Social Neighborhood in Monte da Caparica, Portugal.

He starts his life in tattoo at his own bedroom tattooing friends and family, with very low conditions, but his great spirit made him never to give up!

Running after his dream and learn the maximum the tattoo lifestyle could offer, until he opens his own Tattoo Studio in Luxembourg.

The life is full of opportunities, and after a Guest Spot in America, he found out a special need in tattoo artist for a Tattoo Needles that is Precise, Sharp, and Small for small works, micro-realism, dot-work, and fine-lines.

That’s where the idea of launching a special needle cartridge came on with Edge Needles with a pack of 3RL needles, with 0.20 0.25 and 0.30 3RL needles.

The great work and amazing feedback from other artists made the chance of increasing the options and configurations as the brand get evolving.

That’s where the Edge Needles changed to Edge Pro Needles with 55 configurations available and a brand new presentation.

Focused on making a perfect tool for tattoo artists focus only on ART, the Edge Pro Needles continuous to evolve and bring the best of a vision of a Tattoo Artist and a Entrepreneur!

Johnny Dots